Friday, April 19, 2013

Next Level Fit Club Resumes April 27

I have been practicing this outdoor, high tempo style of group exercise for over 4 years. 

I have also noticed that it doesn't matter if your workout experience is novice, a moderate, or advanced; my clients have been successful by following one rule: 

"If this is your first or second time or tenth time coming, LISTEN to your body and do not try to bull through the class." 

I incorporate multiple different exercises to hit the entire body through stations lasting around about a minute each set. 

Cardio will be incorporated as well. I can explain and describe my style all day but to truly understand you have to just come out and give it a go!!

Follow me on facebook and twitter and feel free to send me a message. You wont know if you don't ask, and you wont live unless you TRY!!!! 

When: Sat April 27, 8:15am 

Where: 2260 Riverside Drive Cincinnati OH 45202 / Across the street from Mission 5 Fitness 

Cost: $15 for 1 Class or $50 for 4 consecutive

What to Bring/wear: Towel, comfortable clothes, Shoes good for outdoor activities, BIG TOWEL!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Answering The Question Why

I came across this blog post by Jocelyn Martin and felt that it speaks volumes. Enjoy!

There are so many ways to answer this three letter question. When I started in the sales business, I was instructed to ask this question at least four to five times in order to get the potential client’s real objection to purchasing the product.

As a trainer, I find this simple one word question to be a very important one to ask to get behind the real reason behind their fitness goals. Why that specific goal? Why that workout routine? Why that particular weight goal?Why?Why? Why?

I have found that most times, my clients often times give the answer that they think they are expected to give and then give the answer they want to give. I have found that after a few more whys, they then give the real answer; the truth behind the goal, that number.

In most cases, not only do clients need help with their workouts, but they also need help vocalizing the real reason behind their fitness goals, which, once realized, could be used as motivation during workouts. People should not feel ashamed to vocalize their goals. Vocalizing them makes them real. Makes them open to scrutiny. Makes them open to ridicule. Making you more likely to have them achieved.

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