Friday, April 19, 2013

Next Level Fit Club Resumes April 27

I have been practicing this outdoor, high tempo style of group exercise for over 4 years. 

I have also noticed that it doesn't matter if your workout experience is novice, a moderate, or advanced; my clients have been successful by following one rule: 

"If this is your first or second time or tenth time coming, LISTEN to your body and do not try to bull through the class." 

I incorporate multiple different exercises to hit the entire body through stations lasting around about a minute each set. 

Cardio will be incorporated as well. I can explain and describe my style all day but to truly understand you have to just come out and give it a go!!

Follow me on facebook and twitter and feel free to send me a message. You wont know if you don't ask, and you wont live unless you TRY!!!! 

When: Sat April 27, 8:15am 

Where: 2260 Riverside Drive Cincinnati OH 45202 / Across the street from Mission 5 Fitness 

Cost: $15 for 1 Class or $50 for 4 consecutive

What to Bring/wear: Towel, comfortable clothes, Shoes good for outdoor activities, BIG TOWEL!